Late last night, while most were watching some Ginger with a beard traipse around on a stage for comedic effect, I was getting my laughs via Jose Canseco’s Twitter feed.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the former 40/40 man announced that if people wanted to talk to him, they could reach him via telephone at (310) 862-6309.  “We can talk about anything, find out what’s really going on in baseball,” he offered.

Now, I’d like to think that it speaks far more to Jose Canseco’s reputation for attention seeking than my own naivete that this tweet caused me to grab my notebook and run to the phone.  And when I say run, I mean book it.  Nothing stood in my way, as I dashed to dial the eleven digits that would link me to the ramblings of the former slugger, speedster and steroid user.

Unfortunately, the deal wasn’t exactly as advertised.  The number merely linked to a hotline where, for a small fee, you could maybe speak with Canseco, but more likely hear his prerecorded voice.  Disappointed, I hung up and saw that since Canseco had first promoted his number, he had begun goading his “haters” into calling the hotline, questioning if they had the manhood to do it.

I can’t imagine why anyone would waste energy on hating Jose Canseco when life has been doing such a bang up job at it lately.  Insulting Canseco at this point in his life is hitting two metaphors at once, or killing two birds with one stone, if you will.  Not only are you shooting fish in a barrel by poking fun at the 1988 MVP, you’re also kicking a dog while he’s down.

And The Rest

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