Is Felix Doubront All That?

We’ve seen the movies.  Rachel Leigh Cook is made to look all fug, and then she’s miraculously transformed into her very doable self when a boy at her school takes her glasses off.  Metaphor much?

Venezuelan southpaw Felix Doubront is the exact type of player that She’s All That lovers should get excited about this offseason: an under the radar, young pitcher who’s rumoured to not only be available, but as one GM says about the Red Sox, “They would part with him in a heartbeat to upgrade.”

The 23 year old pitcher made his Big League debut with Boston this year, and while his 2010 numbers aren’t going to blow anyone away, there’s a lot of potential in an arm that can toss low nineties fastballs coming from a delivery that confuses hitters into making it look much faster.  Think B.J. Ryan, but without the herky jerkiness.

At the very least, Doubront should have a career as a lefty specialist.  But there’s a lot more that could be developed considering he’s tallied great strikeout numbers throughout his Minor League career and a good ground ball to fly ball ratio, while only still working on his curveball. His WHIP might be of some concern, but a high BABIP (not surprising in the Minors) is certainly a contributing factor.

Of course, with the announcement that Doubront is an available diamond in the rough, comes the second act of any good She’s All That imitation: those who overlooked Rachel Leigh Cook come to regret it and try to ruin any relationship with potential new suitors.

Perhaps the most interesting throwaway from Ken Rosenthal’s piece mentioning Dubront is the fact that former Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell was his leading advocate within the organization.  Farrell, of course, is now the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, who expect to have more than one hole in their bullpen after the free agency period is done.