So, the first time I heard that Manny was in Toronto, I wasn’t that surprised.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend away from everything in White Vegas?

The second time, it was easily justifiable: the NFL was in town.  Besides, it was just too convenient for Manny to be in town on the exact same day that players without a contract officially became free agents.

But now, well, as much as I warned people earlier about the amazing amount of nonsense that goes on behind the scenes, and how the majority of rumours we’ll be hearing over the next few months will be steeped in other people’s ulterior motives . . . this whole Manny thing might have legs.

Ramirez was spotted at Toronto Pearson International Airport, about to fly out of the city early Sunday morning.

I know.  I know.  I don’t want to think so little of Toronto to suggest that the only reason that Manny could be here would be to talk over terms of a contract, or that Manny would have anything to do with talking over terms of a contract.  The Big Smoke is a hell of a town, and who knows, maybe all this early Monday morning flight business means that Manny has some skirt holed up in the city, and he graces her with his presence over the weekends.  Who knows?

Well, Rob Pizzola, a radio producer at The Score, followed the Manny photo tweet with the following: “Apparently Manny spent a few days negotiating with the Blue Jays front office . . . it looks like a deal is on the horizon.”

Even if Manny was just visiting and he’s as unaware as anyone else about Alex Anthopoulos’ free agent negotiation strategy, surely the buzz created by the ongoing Manny sightings means something to this team.

When was the last time Toronto fans were getting excited over spotting baseball players in town?  We’ve heard about the hockey moms of North York falling into a pleasure coma shortly after running into Darcy Tucker at a grocery store.  We’ve seen ladies getting rebuffed by Jose Calderon lining up at Milestones.  But how many baseball players in Toronto are recognizable enough to the fair weather fans of Toronto to be pulled aside at the airport by supporters and have their pictures taken with them?

I know that the impact of one single player on ticket sales is normally negligible, but if any player could properly put that theory to the test in any market, it would be Manny in Toronto.

And The Rest

Scott Boras admits that the market for Manny may be slim.

Hiroki Kuroda resigns with the Dodgers for $12 million.  It’s hard to regret one year deals, but Los Angeles certainly are trying.

The Dodgers consider James Loney to be their most tradeable asset, but what is he actually worth?

Do we really need Bill Nye to tell us that Yankees and Red Sox games are long?  Some guys just take longer between pitches.

Is nothing sacred, Chicago?

Tsuyoshi Nishioka is about to be posted.

Is “groupthink” swaying opinion toward Felix Hernandez?

A periodic table of Hall of Famers because . . . well, why not?

Beer company isn’t buds with MLB.  Man, I kill me.

Man vs. Food visits three baseball stadiums before pitching a spinoff: Man vs. Restroom.

The Omaha Royals are now the Omaha Storm Chasers.  And to think, Twister only came out 14 years ago?  Remember when people thought Helen Hunt was attractive?

Finally, Larry David has a great curb ball.  Oh man, I’m on fire today!

Comments (14)

  1. I hate Manny Ramirez. Can we still be friends?

  2. In a word: no.

    I don’t think he’s necessarily the best idea for the 2011 Blue Jays, but my defences are slowly being compromised.

  3. “…has some skirt holed up in the city…” What are you, some kind of 1950′s television actor? “A skirt”? The year is 2010. Fail.

  4. I’m assuming by your handle that you were probably rejected by the first three to five choices on your university application. First of all, don’t lash out at me because of someone else’s lack of acceptance. And secondly, with your incapability to comprehend word play, it’s little wonder they were so quick to spurn you.

  5. That makes me almost as sad as Wrigley painting their sign. I’ll have to make other friends that I can tell to fuck off. Which is already all of my current friends.

    Also your blog is telling me that it is almost 11 o’clock and it is tragically not. It’s only almost 10 o’clock.

  6. fuck it, let’s have some (more) fun this season. Team Manny, baby. Even if he’s lost most of his power stroke, he’ll still get on base, yes? Who cares if he “clogs them up”, you know he’ll score on a (Dan Uggla) dinger behind him anyway. Of course, if he comes with a $10M price tag or costs a first rounder, all bets are off.

  7. Tell you what, we can be buds until Manny-mania (Manny-a?) takes over completely.

  8. I saw him board a plane on sunday morning also at toronto pearson airport. I got his autograph also

  9. I’m sold, deal.

  10. What possible reason could anybody have to hate Manny Ramirez?

    Sure, he was a Red Sox, but he left that team and pissed off most of their fanbase.

  11. Fuller Fan FTW!

  12. Agreed. This blog needs more Fullmer Fan.

  13. It’s too deeply ingrained in me after the Sox years. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

  14. He even got into a fight with Kevin Youkilis over Youk’s propensity to get angry and throw things after meaningless ABs.

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