Remember that post from the other day that mentioned a curious craigslist ad claiming A’s outfielder Coco Crisp was “looking for a live-in personal assistant (Female)” for $40,000 in annual salary?

Well, Crisp took a break from tweeting inspiring thoughts about god and the devil to inform the world that it really was Coco Crisp cluelessly searching for a female personal assistant via craigslist.

The first order of business for his new assistant should be to block all online classifieds from Crisp’s personal computer and smart phone, and inform him that there are more subtle ways to go about things.

I wonder how successful a professional baseball blogger would be in his search for a personal assistant.

Full disclosure:  I left out that I live in a one bedroom flat and that the personal assistant’s bed will have to consist of a futon in the study.

Thanks to The Hall of Very Good for the tip.