The New York Mets have finished their second set of interviews with the four candidates that remain in contention to become the team’s next manager.

It would be fun to do a little “Meet The Candidates” and dedicate a paragraph of mockery to each of the four men vying for the job, but it would be straining credibility to pretend that the Mets would hand the position over to Wally Backman, Terry Collins or Chip Hale when Bob Melvin is available.

When the Mets do make their announcement, which could come as early as Monday, but more than likely on Tuesday, it will be the second time that Melvin has beat out Backman for a managerial position.

The previous time occurred when Backman was actually hired by the Arizona Diamondbacks ahead of the 2005 season, before realizing that the former Mets second baseman had several run ins with the law that he didn’t reveal during the interview process.  Backman was fired before ever managing a game and Melvin was quickly ushered in after his contract with the Seattle Mariners wasn’t renewed.

As for Backman, there’s also this:

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