Huff Gets 233% Raise

Aubrey Huff has agreed to a two year contract extension with the San Francisco Giants worth $20 million, plus a club option for 2013 with a $2 million buyout.  I wrote “agreed to” but perhaps, “thanked the beautiful Lord in heaven for” would have been more accurate.

Huff had a fantastic season in 2010, but as FanGraphs points out:

Huff’s recent career arc is a weird one. His win values over the last four years (starting with 2010): 5.7, -1.4, 4.0, and 0.7. In more generic labels, his last four seasons have represented those of an elite player, a below replacement level player, a star, and a below average player. All that volatility despite ridiculously consistent plate appearance numbers (668, 597, 661, and 603) is unheard of.

That type of inconsistency isn’t really the well I’d want to dump $22 million down, but then again, Brian Sabean’s strategy of overpaying aging players (Huff turns 34 next month) that end up not having a role in the Giants playoff run has worked well in the past.

In addition to inspiring my scorn, the deal also prompted a rather hilarious Twitter snark.  Moments after Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports notified his followers that Huff’s contract did not include a no-trade clause, Dave Cameron of FanGraphs retweeted that Huff for two years at $22 million was a no trade clause.

There’s been no word on whether or not the contract includes any stipulations over undergarment attire.