There were two reasons that I could justify embracing the warm and fuzzies for Cito Gaston’s departure during the Blue Jays’ last home game of the season:

  1. It meant he was departing.
  2. I’d only have to do it once.

Well, Bud Selig totally ruined that.

The commissioner has decided to honour the careers of four “legendary” managers who retired from baseball this season during this year’s Winter Meetings.  On Tuesday, Selig will be dragging out the reanimated corpses of Bobby Cox, Gaston, Lou Pinella and Joe Torre in front of the media to celebrate their contributions from the dugout.

The photo op could be the first in Selig’s history as commissioner in which he appears to have a semblance of vitality.

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  1. When I think back to that goodbye Cito night at the dome, I remember what Cito said in his farewell speech. He looked at the Wankees bench and said “we want to be like you, we want to be a great organization like the Yankees”. That made me want to puke. The warm fuzzy feeling went cold and dark right there.

    I’m actually surprised more people didn’t react to that the way I did. “We want to be like you”. WTF. The camera panned to the Yankees bench, where they were all holding back their laughter. Disgraceful.

  2. I don’t know if it’s really as bad as you make it seem. The Yankees are perennial contenders whose stadium is packed for every single game. What team wouldn’t aspire to that?

  3. And the Yankees are hateful, but they win. A lot.

    And I really doubt the Yankees were laughing at what Cito said. Considering how rough and tight the two teams have played each other and what some of the Yankees have said about the Jays, the Yankees respect the Jays just fine.

  4. It was just a slip up on his part, but it was cringe-worthy nonetheless. Go watch it.

  5. He was rambling at that point, but it was pure shite.

  6. I was in the stadium….it was a fun night. I don’t need to watch it.

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