What A Difference A Day Makes

Around this time yesterday it appeared as though the Boston Red Sox were well on their way to AL East domination for several years with the acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez from the San Diego Padres for three prospects. The deal had been agreed to, and MLB gave the team special dispensation to negotiate a contract with the first baseman prior to the trade going through.

Today, things are a little bit different.  In addition to the team being unable to come to terms with Gonzalez, Jayson Werth, a free agent that many considered likely to sign in Boston, was snatched up by the Washington Nationals for the paltry sum of $126 million over seven years.

If that’s what it cost to win Werth over, I’m not so sure that other AL East executives will be happy that the Red Sox missed out.

As for Gonzalez, it’s assumed that the slugger was looking for a contract similar to what Mark Teixeira signed with the Yankees ($180 million over eight years).  However, the Red Sox weren’t willing to go higher than six years with their offer.

After Werth signed his deal with the Nationals, Gonzalez looks like a genius for holding out for more from the Red Sox.  John Morosi suggests that with the negotiation window closed without a contract being signed, the deal between Boston and San Diego seems unlikely, but then again anything could happen.

In fact the only sure thing is that a lot of AL East front office types will be sleeping easier in Orlando tonight.

UPDATE:  Wake up AL East GMs.  The deal has gone through.  Details of the contract extension likely won’t be made official until after the Spring, in order for the Red Sox to avoid additional luxury tax payments.

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  1. I’ve always been skeptical of Werth. Late-bloomers tend to have short peaks and I doubt if the Nats get more than two good years from him. Yet another terrible deal.

    And you’re right, if Werth can get 7 years and $126-million from Washington, Gonzalez should be able to get his 8 years and whatever money he wants.

    I have a feeling Washington was desperate to get a star free agent. They’ve been trying to land big fish for a couple years now and besides Dunn, they’ve failed. I think they were willing to overspend just to get SOMEONE, which is an awful way to run a baseball team.

  2. It reminds me of the Jays when Rogers finally gave them some fliff to drop.

    The Dunn signing is a hell of a way to open the Winter Meetings. Same amount of dollars as V-Dub.

  3. Does this Werth atrocity have any impact on Bautista going into his free agency in 2011?

    I think that if he puts up another 40+ HR season he will really cash in.

  4. I think it has an impact on every free agent. If Crawford signs next for an even larger contract, look out!

  5. What with V-Mart, Benoit, Buck, Werth and others, it seems like the baseball version of the recession is over. And I’m not so sure it should be… I think some of these contracts might end up looking pretty bad. Don’t bite, AA.

  6. …and now the Gonzo deal has gone through…

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