Jays "In Hard" For Carlos Pena

I’m not the craziest of fans for some of baseball’s euphemisms, but being “in hard” for a player the likes of Carlos Pena is positively disturbing.  Nevertheless, Gordon Edes of ESPN in Boston is saying exactly that.

The only thing Pena has been consistent at over the last four years is offering less and less value each season . . . and striking out a third of the time.  In 582 plate appearances last season, he only had 95 hits.  28 of those went for home runs, but hitting home runs or getting out is hardly a weakness with the Jays current roster.

At one point Pena was an on base machine, but unfortunately those times are no longer, but four straight years of constant regression has seen his .411 OBP in 2007 turn into .325 in 2010.

I’m struggling to find anything at all hopeful about this rumour other than it might not be true.  The only bright spot I can possibly come up with is that Pena is only 32.  So, he could still have a few more years to regress further into oblivion.

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  1. I’m not as strongly against this as you: it’s not like Pena was bad in 2008 and 2009, and his OPS in ’09 was actually a bit higher than it was in ’08, so I don’t think it’s fair to say he’s been in steady decline or anything like that. 2010 was a bad year, no doubt, but is it a sign that he’s done completely? I’m not so sure.His .222 BABIP is far enough away from his career average of .272 to at least make me wonder.

    If Pena plays like he did in 2008-2009 (i.e. not as ridiculously good as he was in 2007, but not nearly as bad as he was in 2010) then I think he could make sense for the Jays. At least more sense than Manny: he offers pretty much the same offensive upside, but also excellent defense at 1B.

  2. Pena is a good offensive 1B and would likely turn out to be a bargain, so I don’t see much reason to be against such a thing. It’s better than bringing Overbay back, for example.

    But I, unlike Ty, think a guy like Manny Ramirez would be a far better choice (for his offense).

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