In a few hours the Blue Jays and Brewers are expected to announce a trade that will send Shaun Marcum to Milwaukee in exchange for Brett Lawrie coming to Toronto.

There were whispers among some delusional Blue Jays fans that in addition to Shaun Marcum not wishing to sign a contract extension in Toronto, behavioural issues were at the root of this transaction. While it may seem as though Marcum was battling “flu-like symptoms” between starts a lot last season and there were rumours about his “lack of focus” when he was demoted in 2009, it’s ridiculous for fans to jump to those types of conclusions.

And if you don’t want to take my word for it, than take the words of Brett Lawrie. Or more accurately, the words tattooed on the upper part of Brett Lawrie’s arm.

Success is my only / option failure’s not so / here I go it’s my shot feet / fail me not this may be / the only opportunity that / I got

Sound familar?  If so, it’s probably because, as Miller Park Drunk points out, the words are actually cleaned up Eminem lyrics:

Success is my only [Getting Blanked]in’ option, failure’s not / Mom, I love you, but this trailer’s got to go / I cannot grow old in Salem’s lot / So here I go with my shot, feet fail me not / This may be the only opportunity that I got

Eminem lyrics?  I know what you’re thinking:  Only over-sized fratboy douchebags who mime oral sex motions for point & shoot cameras, when not obliviously dressing up in homoerotic Clockwork Orange outfits with their droogs, while worrying about the lighting for their next Facebook profile picture which consists entirely of their abs (much like the four pages of pics before) would have Eminem lyrics tattooed on their skin.

Yep.  Pretty much.

Something tells me that trading Shaun Marcum was a baseball decision, pure and simple.