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Shaun Marcum spoke with the FAN 590′s Andrew Krystal this morning.  Here are some of his thoughts from a surprisingly engaging interview.  I didn’t imagine ever saying this, but kudos to Krystal for handling the talk with class.

Marcum was surprised at the trade, and sad to leave Toronto.  He believes that the Jays are much closer to competing than people tend to think.

The pitcher sniffled on the phone and Krystal mistook it for emotion.  It’s kind of hilarious.

Marcum heard first hand from Anthopoulos who told him over the phone.  He told him it was a hard decision, but that it was a move he had to make.  He goes on to praise Toronto as a city saying he loved his time here.

“You always want to face the best,” says the new Brewers pitcher on leaving the AL East for the NL Central.  He’s not necessarily looking forward to hitting, but totally willing to do whatever is asked of him.  Marcum says that the only difference in going to the NL is learning about new hitters and watching video on guys he hasn’t faced before.

He’ll miss the Jays organization, but he’s excited to be closer to family in Milwaukee.  When he told his son about the trade, Marcum’s kidtold him that he wanted him to be a Blue Jay, not a Brewer.

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  1. Heeeey, that’s one thing Marcum Jr and I have in common, then.

    Thanks for the summary, Parkes. I hope we get a chance to pick up Shaun at the trade deadline in 2019 when we’re finally going for it.

  2. Smart kid he’s got.

  3. It really bugs me when people make comments like “2019 when we’re finally going for it”. It is sad to lose Marcum, but the jays need to make moves like this if they have any chance of getting better anytime soon. What is the point having 7 or 8 quality starters and only 2-3 guys that can hit in your line up?. I have full confidence in A.A. and firmly believe he is taking this team in the right direction. You just need to be patient and have faith that the big picture is what we have been painfully waiting for.

  4. I heard somewhere that Marcum was the most intelligent pitcher in the league and that’s why he’s so successful. I’ve always liked him. Not sure about the character of this Lawrie guy, apparently teammates don’t like him, but he’s damn good so I’m not sure I care.

  5. Parkes, it wasnt a sniffle, Marcum seems to be a guy with emotions. Remember the interview when Marcum said he was getting TJ few years ago? The guy nearly broke out near the end of the interview, before he ran off into the field abruptly ending the interview.

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