Winter Meetings: Day One Recap

Wow. What can I say about yesterday? It was fast, furious and it left me wanting more. Also, day one of MLB’s Winter Meetings happened. Let’s recap:

Former Blue Jays GM Pat Gillick, despite his awful taste in footwear, beat out George Steinbrenner and Marvin Miller to win election to baseball’s Hall of Fame from The Veteran’s Committee. Listen to him speak with Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt here.  Or don’t.  See if I care.

Baltimore sent relievers David Hernandez and Kam Mickolio to Arizona for third baseman Mark Reynolds.  That’s like trading two Reese Witherspoon movies for box office poison that’s guaranteed to strike out.

The Diamondbacks then signed Melvin Mora as their new third baseman.

Arizona also added J.J. Putz and Mike Hampton to their newly formed bullpen.

Joe Crede is healthier than ever before.  Insert additional cliche.

I’ve got a feeling that Adrian Beltre could end up regretting his annual snub of the Oakland A’s.  The third baseman turned his nose up at Oakland’s offer of $64 million over five years, and then later in the day claimed that he wanted in excess of $70 million.

Joe Crede is healthier than ever before.  Insert additional cliche.

Shocking and appalling news:  James Loney is available.  I wonder if Ned Colletti likes to bring twelve day old deviled eggs to picnics personally catered by Bobby Flay.

The Boston Red Sox are interested in Magglio Ordonez.  I guess that’s cool that someone has an antique booth at Winter Meetings trade show.

Like an annoying accent, we’ll stay in Boston where Scott Downs may be of interest to the Red Sox despite costing the team a first round draft pick.  Assuming the Red Sox don’t sign any other Type A free agents, the Jays would probably be happy with this even if it means likely facing Downs on more occasions than if he were to sign outside the AL East.

Jussell Martin has his share of suitors, but the Blue Jays don’t seem to be as interested as other teams.  Note: I’ve never picked up a woman by letting her know that I actually like her.  What am I?  Six?

Aaron Harang signed with the San Diego Padres.  Yep, that should definitely make up for the Adrian Gonzalez trade.

The Colorado Rockies who must have found an enormous bag of money that was ditched by paranoid drug runners or something because they’re reportedly offering yet another contract extension.  When asked to comment, Brian Cashman rolled his eyes, and said, “Pfft.  Nouveau riche,” before taking a sip of brandy and adjusting his monocle.

Cliff Lee is likely going to get seven years.  If Kevin Correia can get two, it seems only fair.

Finally, our thoughts go out to Jim Tracy who is recovering after collapsing last night in Orlando.  The Rockies manager was conscious when paramedics arrived.  Personally, I blame Carney Lansford.