Welcome to the second day of MLB’s 2010 annual Winter Meetings. I’m only slightly less glad that you could make it today.

Below we’ve assembled all of the very best Twitter feeds from the journalists and insiders at this year’s Winter Meetings to keep you updated on the latest happenings. I’ll be hanging out there with other guests throughout each day talking baseball, answering questions and collecting kindling to keep the hotstove going.

As rumors become fact, contracts get signed and trades are finalized, we’ll provide fast analysis in the posts below. So, sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Comments (3)

  1. when are we gunna hear more bitching from jays nation about the yankees buying teams and the need for the AL East to be destroyed so they have a chance at the playoffs??? its getting pretty old

  2. Fuck off already with this “team x nation” shit. And please shut your fucking Yankee-loving mouth. It has the putrid stench of Derek Jeter’s cock billowing out of it.

    Love, Blue Jays fans.

  3. i dont love the yankees… im just sick of Jays fans… and leafs fans, for that matter thinking their team is the only team on the planet, over valueing their terrible players… there is a reason ur team is never in the playoffs…

    tampa can do it, so can u… quit bitching about teams being better than u

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