Heyman Building A Mystery

I’ve come to grow somewhat fond of Sports Illustrated’s baseball writer Jon Heyman.

Despite the entire world changing around him, Heyman has stood his ground on moving forward and like your Alzheimer Grandpa still unashamedly speaks his outdated mind on an entire range of topics, seemingly oblivious to how ridiculous he sounds.

Perhaps the most pitiful of Heyman’s follies is his willingness to be used as a puppet by any number of agents, most notably Scott Boras.  The latest evidence of his “I’ll bend over if you take me” attitude occurred last night when Boras posted a story on Cliff Lee claiming that a “mystery team” had joined the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers in bidding for the left handed starter’s services.

Here are some of the better reactions from Twitter:

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  1. I love how someone created a “MysteryTeamGM” twitter account, that’s golden. I also love how every respected writer in the business thinks he’s a complete moron.

    That shit he was spewing about Jayson Werth being better than Carl Crawford because he hits more home runs was unbelievable. I think you should apply for his job at SI. Or maybe I should…seems like their standards are low enough.

    Although I suppose Heyman is at least entertaining.

  2. I wonder at GM Meetings and All-Star games, does any other writers talk to Heyman without making fun of his BS? Or does he sit in a corner hotel room alone, watch reruns of Bonanza and wait for agents to call him?

  3. So ummmmm….maybe this one time he had something. Apparently the Phillies are the mystery team. Heyman’s still a douche.

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