Jays Bring Encarnacion Back

The Toronto Blue Jays signed last year’s third baseman Edwin Encarnacion to a one year contract worth $2.5 million plus a club option for $3.5 million in 2012.  It’s expected that Encarnacion will split time between first base and designated hitter with Adam Lind.  The signing likely eliminates any interest that the Blue Jays had in Derrek Lee or Adam LaRoche.

Encarnacion, who hit 20 home runs last year, is a terrible, terrible defender, who earned his nickname E5.  Still, there’s always the hope that he can regain whatever it was that led to his first three full seasons in Cincinnati.  Even with his recent struggles to get on base, with a career .847 OPS against left handed pitching, Encarnacion hits southpaws well.  Something that can’t be said for the other side of this first base / designated hitter duo, Adam Lind.

As the available first baseman dwindle, the signing isn’t as flashy as bringing in Derrek Lee, but it likely doesn’t cost as much either.  Investing $2.5 million isn’t going to break the bank anymore than Encarnacion is going to break any records.  It’s a safe signing.

Also, there’s this: