When Jose Canseco first started making his appeals to various MLB GMs for a tryout, I read a statistic floating around that only fourteen home runs had ever been hit in Major League Baseball by someone over the age of 45, and that thirteen of those dingers came off the bat of Julio Franco.  Jose Canseco turned 46 in July.

A comeback for Canseco seems just about as likely as a Tweet without a spelling mistake, but the former 40/40 man does look like he can still bring the bat around quickly.

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  1. Yeah…steroids will certainly increase bat speed.

  2. He says that this is au natural. But he definitely still looks cut. I’d love to see something actually go his way. He’s claiming right now that MLB is blocking his signing with a Puerto Rican club.

  3. Yeah he can bring the bat around on 75 mph. This is silly, really. Dude was clearly Done 10 years ago. Though I can’t see why anyone should stop him playing semi-pro.

  4. He clearly wasn’t done 10 years ago. He could have played until he reached his 500 HRs, but the MLB and all team’s were clearly against him. The MLB is screwing around with him.

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