The San Diego Padres have signed second baseman Orlando Hudson to a two year contract worth $11.5 million, as first reported by . . . Orlando Hudson. The former Jays second baseman broke the news during an interview on MLB Network Radio. He also offered the only analysis of the deal that didn’t include the words “drastically overpaid.”

Perhaps more surprising than Hudson breaking the news was the fact that anyone listening actually understood enough of what he was saying to figure out what was going on.

For the past two off seasons, Hudson has been forced to sign single year contracts with the hope of impressing enough to get a multi-year deal the next season. It hasn’t happened until now, but with Hudson coming off a .320 weighted on base average, the fourth year in a row that number has been in decline, one has to wonder why the Padres would be willing to commit $11.5 million. His OBP, SLG and walks to strikeout ratio have also been getting lower and lower over the last three seasons.

As the Padres look to finally put the finishing touches on their trade for Jason Bartlett, which has been taking like forever (in the voice of a thirteen year old girl) to complete, the Hudson addition likely means one of the stronger middle infields in their division. Only in the NL West can two defensive-minded players be considered a such a strong duo up the middle.

While in Toronto, Hudson endeared himself to Blue Jays fans not only with his flashy glove and dazzling defense, but also his “talkative” approach to the game, which included comparisons between then General Manager J.P. Ricciardi and a well-dressed pimp. ┬áHudson is one of the few players who still receives an ovation whenever he returns to Toronto.

How fitting is it that the O-Dawg will now be playing in Petco Park?