Despite my vehement objections, reports indicate that the Toronto Blue Jays have gone ahead and signed ROOGY Octavio Dotel to a one year contract that guarantees the closer candidate $3.5 million dollars, and could be worth $6.5 million over two years.

Just to rehash my opinion one more time, Dotel is a great pitcher when facing right handed batters, but against lefties, he is among the worst in all of baseball (FIP the last three seasons: 5.09, 7.38, 5.46).  If the team isn’t using Dotel situationally, it shouldn’t be using Dotel at all.  It then becomes an issue of paying Dotel $3.5 million to be a situational right hander.

Scott Richmond, whose career 1.00 WHIP, 3.86 FIP against right handers, could do just as good of a job as Dotel and get paid the league minimum.  What Richmond doesn’t offer that Dotel does is a potential draft pick reward at the end of a successful season.

Assuming that Dotel attains Type B status, and not a leprous Type A that would almost guarantee the option on his contract getting picked up, or him accepting arbitration after the option is declined, the Jays will receive a draft pick after the fiftieth pick has already been taken.

Considering the drop off in value by pick 50, and the values that Victor Wang came up with for draft pick ranges, paying $3.5 million for a Type B pick makes no sense whatsoever.  It’s the equivalent of buying a $350 lottery ticket whose top prize is a chance at a $75 lottery ticket.

The best case scenario with Dotel is that the Blue Jays can trade him in for prospects before having to deal with his buyout or offering arbitration.  But as we saw during this year’s deadline, that’s much easier said than done.  I just can’t wrap my head around how this deal makes sense at all.

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