Cubs Fans Blind Sox Fan

Several years ago my younger brother went to a Whitesnake / Dokken / Scorpions concert with his best buddy. They were fairly young at the time, back when the promise of getting drunk at a rock show was worth looking forward to, not something that happened incidentally every weekend.

Their quest for inebriation took a slight detour in the beer line before the show when two guys, dressed in more leather than a cow, began arguing over which was the better band: Whitesnake or Scorpions.

I wasn’t there, but the way the story was told to me, I believe events unfolded something like this.  Note: all words are to be read with slurred speech.

Whitesnake Fan:  ”Whitesnake are the best!”

Scorpions Fan:   “No. Scorpions are better!”

WF:  ”No. Whitesnake are better.”

SF:  ”Scorpions!”

WF: “Wnitesnake!”

Shoving ensues, then harsher pushing.  Finally, Scorpions Fan has had enough and he cocks his right arm back to take a swing.  He punches the air with a force heretofore unseen, missing his target by at least a foot.  He loses his footing from the weight of the punch, spins in the air and falls down on his back.  Seconds later, due to the combination of beer and adrenaline, he vomits all over himself repeatedly.

I imagine that this confrontation in a suburb of Chicago went down similarly, except possibly with less alcohol involved.

Boguslaw “Bob” Czapla of Elmwood Park was sentenced Tuesday to three years in prison for blinding a man after a debate at a toddler’s birthday party in northwest suburban Huntley exploded into violence.

Four men fought over which baseball team is better—the Cubs or the White Sox.

Czapla and two other Cubs fans beat Sox fan Robert Steele to the ground and continued kicking him in the head. Steele lost his right eye and suffered a broken nose and fractured orbital bone.

Sounds as though the Cubs finally won something.  Alright!