According to Entertainment Weekly, cable network “Showtime is in early talks with producer Mike Tollin to do a docuseries that focuses on the San Francisco Giants.”

The article, and I use the term loosely, goes on to list Tollin’s qualifications such as producing the “docuseries” Bonds on Bonds for ESPN as well as “Varsity Blues, Coach Carter, Hardball, and the under-appreciated Summer Catch. And, let’s not forget his work on Smallville and One Tree Hill, too!).”

First of all, Summer Catch couldn’t be “under-appreciated” if it came with a warning that it isn’t suitable for any living thing.  And frankly, I’d rather forget about Smallville and One Tree Hill.  Not just Tollin’s involvement, but altogether.  Erase it completely from mankind’s memory, and maybe we can finally advance as a species.

What the article fails to mention is that the prospective producer of the Giants reality show has been heavily involved in ESPN’s universally loved 30 for 30 series, producing over twenty of the episodes as well as directing the episode on the USFL.

Getting a television program greenlit, even one as potentially successful as baseball’s version Hard Knocks, can be a long and arduous task.  Fortunately, Tollin can take some advice from a line in the film Radio, which he also directed: Never give up!

It’s too bad the Giants don’t have any interesting figures to center a show around.

Quote Of The Day

J.P. Ricciardi bringing the Phillies down a peg or two:

The AL East always had two or three teams coming at you. After having done it so many years against the Yankees and the Red Sox and Tampa being good through that cycle, I’ll take my chances. Even though the Phillies are really good, I’ll take my chances over here.

Quote Of The Day Part Deux

Adam Jones eloquently expresses his feelings on the Baltimore Orioles’ exclusion from ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball schedule.

That’s lame az hell.

And The Rest

Dayn Perry takes us through a list of milestones and records that could be reached during the 2011 season. The most impressive of which is likely Matt Stairs playing for his thirteenth franchise, assuming he makes the Nationals’ active roster out of Spring Training.

Hardball Talk gives props to Scott Boras.

It appears as though Phillipe Aumont will be taking the Brandon Morrow route to the Majors.  After unsuccessfully trying to alter his arm slot and stretch him out last season, the Phillies are sending the Canadian flame thrower back to the bullpen for 2011.  In a couple years, the Blue Jays can trade a veteran middle reliever for Aumont, let him start games, and look like geniuses.

Always remember where you came from.  The San Francisco Giants are going to bring the World Series trophy back to New York.

Get your nerd on: Rich Lederer reviews the 2011 Bill James Handbook.

Could we please all agree to collectively move on from the whole Ryne Sandberg and the Chicago Cubs hating each other already?  I’m not sure if any dispute has ever produced two less sympathetic sides.

How about an interview with a former Yankees catcher?  Why not?

Mitch Williams and Al Leiter show us how pitchers should properly warm up.

I’m fairly confident that Reggie Jackson isn’t really in a place to tell a baseball player to shut up and play, let alone a football player.  The guy hits a couple of home runs in October, like a million years ago, and he still thinks he’s relevant?  Pfffshaw.

Isn’t Pedro Martinez just the best?  The future Hall of Famer will be opening up a youth academy and baseball park l in the Dominican Republic.

Bobby Valentine: Former manager and Stamford’s current public safery director.  I’d be far more inclined to hire him to the Ministry of Disguise.