Joey Votto and the Reds agreed to a three year $38 million extension over the weekend that will ensure that the NL MVP stays in Cincinnati for the remainder of his arbitration eligible years, before facing the prospect of free agency in 2014.

While the deal doesn’t keep Votto under Cincinnati’s control for any longer than he already was, it does lock down a set price for the first baseman moving forward.  I guess cost certainty is a good thing for the Reds, assuming Votto continues to play like he did in 2010, but you’d think that keeping the Etobicoke native around longer would be the real prize of a contract extension.

Considering that earlier this winter the team signed Bronson Arroyo to a three year extension as well (for $35 million), complaining about the Votto deal is kind of like complaining about the lack of feng shui in your prison cell.

And The Rest

Salary arbitration is in full bloom.

At the sprightly age of 47, Pat Borders’ career in baseball is finally officially over.  Sure, he hasn’t taken an at bat since 2006, but he remained on the Dodgers’ restricted list until only just recently.  ”Incredibly, Borders played professionally for a quarter century—every season from 1982, when he was a sixth-round pick by the Blue Jays, through May 26, 2006, when the Dodgers placed him on the restricted list. There he stayed until this month.”

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to dig up the decaying horse corpse that claims that there are some baseball players who are more “clutch” than others and severely beat it before burying it once again.

So, are the Red Sox still seriously clinging to the idea that their signing of Marco Scutaro was a good thing?

After ownership stepped in to ensure that the Yankees signed Rafael Soriano, even though Brian Cashman was against giving up the team’s first round pick, a lot of people were questioning the New York GM’s autonomy.  No worries for Cashman says Buster Olney.

Why would any team in baseball consider giving up a starter for Joba Chamberlain unless it’s some sort of salary dump with the Phillies giving up Joe Blanton?

Who got the better haul for their starting pitcher, the Rays or the Royals?

Apparently, the Chicago Cubs state of the franchise meeting with fans isn’t quite as friendly as the ones they have here in Toronto.  I’m guessing they don’t offer free drinks either.

FOX is now in the business of taking care of recently divorced baseball team owners.

Just in case Minnesota fans needed more reasons to love Jim Thome, it appears as though he turned down more money from the Rangers to sign with the Twins.

Ozzie Canseco, Jose’s twin brother, was arrested for driving wasted, Jose Canseco’s legal opinion is that the police should’ve given him a break.  Yeah, because no one deserves our sympathy more than former fringe Major League Baseball players who took performance enhancing drugs to no avail and now drive half in the bag.

Instead of chasing scum around the world, Delino DeShields Jr. was busy being scum in his hometown, Ozzieing around like he was failed Major Leaguer instead of an 18 year old Astros prospect who just agreed to a $2.15 million signing bonus.

Figure it out, managers.  Should your best player bat third or fourth?

Albert Pujols and the St. Louis Cardinals continue to crawl toward a contract extension.

Is this really what you want to be remembered for as you walk away?  Seriously, there are way better Padres logos than that one.  People are just going to assume you have bad taste after going with that one.

The second edition of the hilarious sabermetric video series by Bradley Woodrum at DRaysBay has found it’s way online.  Enjoy learning about LOB% this time: