Canseco To Design Softball Bat

At this point, making fun of Jose Canseco is like shooting a dead horse in a barrel.  It’s obvious and unfunny.

Unfortunately, every time he does something of note, it inherently becomes a joke.  And that’s sort of the crux.  I’d really like to write about all of his hair brained schemes that range from letting you talk to him live (for a fee) to shilling for a reality television program that would have him as the star, but I don’t want to start having to take a second shower when I get home from work.

Sometimes though, usually on slow days, I manage to look past what I believe would be referred to as a moral dilemma and I can report that Jose Canseco’s latest project involves designing softball bats for a company called Bass Gloves, the website for which is reminiscent of an independent study for my grade ten computer programming class.  Here’s the series of tweets from Canseco that introduces his latest business relationship.

Unfortunately, the Kevin Bass that he mentions is not the Kevin Bass that you would’ve hoped, but rather this Kevin Bass, who according to his bio was drafted in 1998 by the Chicago Cubs.

I’m looking forward to trying the bat out, but I don’t think I can say the same about Raphael.