Getting Booked: Book Club Update

Who’s that [Getting Blanked]ing guy we took last year we had to release because he robbed a bank?

This is just a quick little reminder that Getting Booked: The Getting Blanked Book Club is still on track for 7:00 PM, Monday, January 31, at Opera Bob’s Public House.

For the uninitiated, baseball nerds from across Toronto are going to put our social anxieties to rest for an evening, come out from of our mothers’ basements, and converge at Ossington and Dundas to consume a barley pop or two while discussing Michael Lewis’ Moneyball with some new friends.

I’ve been getting lots of positive feedback from people on Twitter and Facebook who have picked up a copy of the book and are close to finishing it.  I dusted off my first print edition (nerd brag!) and have been enjoying the reread thoroughly.

If you haven’t started the book yet, it’s okay, you’ve still got more than a week (and potentially two hungover Sundays!) to complete it.

If you’ve already finished it, or are well on your way, here are a few discussion topics from the first half of the book that I thought we might discuss over drinks next Monday:

  • What’s with the Lewis mancrush on Billy Beane?  It’s pretty evident in the opening chapter.  Does this affect how you read the rest of the book?
  • What type of balance should be struck when evaluating talent between tangible hard data like statistics and the cursed intangibles?
  • Who’s more handsome, Billy Beane in 1984 or me, right now?
  • To what effect have the Rays demolished the small market strategy of filling up your system with cheaper College players rather than above slot high schoolers?
  • Do mental evaluations mean anything in baseball?  Do you have to be an idiot to succeed in baseball at a high level?
  • Is a large part of general sports knowledge “ridiculous hokum” as Bill James says?
  • What are your thoughts on how the A’s implemented their draft strategy?  How would you handled that draft?
  • Based on Lewis’ description alone, doesn’t it sort of make sense that Paul DePodesta is being played by Jonah Hill in the move version?
  • Is on base percentage a gateway stat?
  • What would a salary cap mean for baseball?

If you have any other questions or items you’d like to talk about, feel free to use the comments section or send me an email.