Oh hey, looky there. It’s a self aggrandizing journalist getting miffed over an athlete not bending over to his demands 24/7.

For Canadian visitors, Sports Final’s Howard Eskin reports on a card show at which Roy Halladay signed autographs for fans, met Don Larson, but dared not to give Eskin a sound byte for what I can only assume is a rather unwatchable program.

Perhaps the most unintentionally hilarious quote was, “We in the media are really the connection that bring you what the players are thinking,” which Eskin delivers with a straight face seconds after showing footage of Halladay signing autographs for . . . the horribly disconnected fans.  Eskin then goes on to list all of the unimportant questions he would’ve asked the Cy Young Award winner, which would’ve only inspired the most cliched of answers from any athlete willing to subject themselves to such banality.

He then closes his grandstanding from the soap box by imploring us not to feel badly for Halladay, despite giving us no reason to, just so that he can mention that Halladay received money for his appearance at the card show, a completely typical arrangement between these events and athletes.