Talkin' Baseball

Sure, an online chat is probably an overplayed part of running a baseball blog, but it’s overplayed for a reason.

There’s such an enormously wide array of opinions and ways of thinking when it comes to baseball that sharing your thoughts and talking about them with others tend to make us better fans. ¬†There’s a proverb that says:

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

And I tend to believe that you could easily replace “man” with “fan” in that saying, and it would relate to baseball quite well. ¬†Understanding baseball is as much about ideas and concepts as it is about watching the action actually unfold in front of you.

So, at 2:00 PM EST this afternoon, let’s sharpen each other as fans for an hour or so, in preparation for a season that’s only a few more weeks away.

It’s time for Talkin’ Baseball: