This winter, when he hasn’t been putting on bandannas, getting his tips frosted, or taking heat for not acquiring his main free agent targets, for publicly disagreeing with ownership over the Rafael Soriano contract, and for suggesting that Derek Jeter will wind up in the outfield before his deal is done, New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman has been taking up some curious new hobbies.

Back in December it was rappelling– specifically, down a building at Landmark Square in Stamford, CT– and this week, as you can see in the video below, he took a turn at… um… bartending.

But the evening, a charity event to raise money for prostate cancer research, wasn’t without an element of baseball newsworthiness. Cashman was asked to address his comments about Jeter and Soriano, which he unsurprisingly downplayed, and he insisted that there’s nothing awry with his relationship with the Yankees.

Hat tip to the New York Post, and to Sports Crackle Pop for the YouTube clip.