So, uh, yeah.  There’s a lot of [Getting Blanked] going on in the scanned letter below.  So before you click through, or read on, you should probably be aware that Mickey Mantle wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of contributing to Yankee Stadium’s 50th anniversary in 1972.

As Letters of Note explains:

In 1972, four years after playing his last game for the team, the legendary Mickey Mantle was sent a letter by then-Vice-President of the New York Yankees, Bob Fishel, and asked to contribute to the Yankee Stadium’s forthcoming 50th anniversary celebrations. All Mickey had to do was fill in the enclosed survey and share details of his “outstanding experience at Yankee Stadium.” Below is the letter, and Mantle’s surprising response.

Note: Both the letter and response seen below have been verified as true by biographer Jane Leavy, as reported by Snopes.