So, uh, yeah.  There’s a lot of [Getting Blanked] going on in the scanned letter below.  So before you click through, or read on, you should probably be aware that Mickey Mantle wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of contributing to Yankee Stadium’s 50th anniversary in 1972.

As Letters of Note explains:

In 1972, four years after playing his last game for the team, the legendary Mickey Mantle was sent a letter by then-Vice-President of the New York Yankees, Bob Fishel, and asked to contribute to the Yankee Stadium’s forthcoming 50th anniversary celebrations. All Mickey had to do was fill in the enclosed survey and share details of his “outstanding experience at Yankee Stadium.” Below is the letter, and Mantle’s surprising response.

Note: Both the letter and response seen below have been verified as true by biographer Jane Leavy, as reported by Snopes.

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  1. Holy sweet mother of christ, the answer to the second question is incredible. Legit, out-loud LOLz

  2. The *All American boy really brings it home. Awesome.

  3. I’m glad he gave as much detail as he could. Hilarious.

  4. I read the answer to the first question to mean that it was the members of the bullpen that gave him the bj. This went from crazy to awesome when I read the second answer and realized that ‘by’ meant ‘near’ and that it was a ‘very nice girl’…because all girls who give bj’s are nice!

  5. Amazing. AMAZING!

    See if Jeter was running around telling stories like that I’d have no problem with the ‘Real Yankee’ crap.

  6. It sounds like that groin injury was a real blow to his career

  7. More evidence that he is the greatest player of all time.

  8. “See if Jeter was running around telling stories like that I’d have no problem with the ‘Real Yankee’ crap.”

    It’s a shame he’s never going to be hard up for cash and be forced to write a tell-all book. Because there’d be some stories.

    • Maybe I read way too much Snopes, because it’s one of the few entertaining sites that isn’t blocked at work, but am I the only party-pooper who’d seen this ages ago?

  9. You can’t compare the Mick and Jeter.

    Mickey never would have given a girl the same memorabilia basket the second time around.

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