MLB 11: The Show Trailer

Here’s the latest trailer from MLB 11: The Show, which is set to be released March 8th. In related news, Dustin Parkes would like to cancel any and all social plans for this Spring.

Baseball Video Game Etiquette: Don’t eat cheesies while you play, even if it’s solo. The next time a buddy comes over he may get the orange crusted controller, and that’s not cool for anyone.

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  1. I should prrrrrrrrrrrrobably get a job

  2. The last few years of baseball games have been a total crapshoot. Nothing special with this particular trailer. The only reason I’m gonna play it is because there’s literally no other option. So sad.

  3. The visuals in this game are insane. I’ve bought it every year since 2006, but I don’t think I am this season since I’ve moved on to far geekier baseball video games and don’t have much time for multiple time wasters.

  4. I find it humorous that this involves the ball getting past a diving Michael Young on the same day that he says he’d rather be traded than play DH.

  5. Agree with prevail. The best baseball game ever made was MVP 2005 with Manny Ramirez on the cover. Nothing has come close since!

  6. milpool0 on PSN!

  7. @Theo I was laughing about that too.

  8. Bought The Show 2010 on release day last year and it was borderline unplayable before patches were released, I hope this game is complete out of the box, That said I will still buy it, I am aware that I am a sucker. Oh an yes +1 for OOTP Baseball, I think I shall buy OOTP 12, I enjoyed 11

  9. I love OOTP, but MLB The Show has definitely been the best baseball game of its type over the past few years.

  10. Curmudgeonly text-sim only player here. Put me down for OOTP as well, and get off my lawn while you’re at it. ;)

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