Last night, Ken Rosenthal issued a report suggesting that the Toronto Blue Jays are actively trying to trade outfielder Juan Rivera, whom they acquired in the Vernon Wells trade along with Mike Napoli.

This isn’t really anything new.  The Angels had been attempting to move Rivera for a very long time.  The right fielder is in the last year of a three year deal and is owed $5.25 million for the coming season.  That’s a lot of money to be dishing out for a player who would likely be a fourth outfielder on most teams.

Of course, the Blue Jays wasted little time in ridding themselves of the arbitration seeking, salary escalating Mike Napoli and now, as they attempt to move Juan Rivera, I can’t help but wonder if the Jays simply took whoever the Angels wanted to give them in exchange for the salary relief that came from the Wells trade.  If that’s the case, it perhaps reveals even more short sightedness on the part of the Angels who may have underestimated Napoli’s trade value.

Trading Rivera could be good news for 25 year old Darin Mastroianni (whom some have likened to Brett Gardner) and veteran Corey Patterson (whom no one has likened to Brett Gardner), as it would likely ensure them a longer look in Spring Training at the very least.  There’s also another option in free agent outfielder Scott Podsednik, who remains available after declining his mutual option with the Dodgers that would’ve paid him $2 million in 2011.

If Rivera is traded, the Blue Jays could also solve their corner outfield situation by acquiring a third baseman in return, and putting Jose Bautista back in right field.

Too bad I can’t think of a single third baseman who might be available right now.

But I’ll have more about that later.

And The Rest

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