Remember a few days ago, when anyone with any sense was decrying the idea of trading for Michael Young?  Well, not only does it look like no one in baseball wanted to meet the Rangers asking price and take his salary on, but an even dumber idea has emerged.  Following suggestions that the Minnesota Twins may look to trade Francisco Liriano, some bright mind suggested that he could be swapped for the disgruntled Young . . . and they weren’t even joking about it.

Jered Weaver lost his arbitration case, shortly after Ross Ohlendorf won his despite only winning one game last season.  While the differences in asking prices between Weaver’s $8.8 million and Ohlendorf’s $2.025 million, but many wondered if Ohlendorf’s victory signaled that arbitrators were giving more weight to advanced stats than they had in the past.  Apparently, not because Weaver had the fifth best FIP in the American League last season, and will only make $7.365 million next season.  Poor guy.

Josh Hamilton avoided a possibly messy arbitration with the Texas Rangers by signing a two year contract worth $24 million.  He was heading into arbitration asking for $12 million, and it’s pretty safe to assume he’d end up making even more next season if he were to win his hearing.  So, this can be seen as hedging his bets.  A few weeks we discussed whether or not the Rangers might bring up Hamilton’s history of substance abuse and addiction.  Thankfully, they avoided having to make that decision.

The Seattle Mariners have signed Felix Hernandez’s older brother to a Minor League contract, and then inked Vladimir Guerrero’s 17 year old nephew with a signing bonus of $400,000.  I don’t know why they’d do that, but I guess it’s all relative.  Zingah!  The Mariners also handed out a Minor League deal to Manny Delcarmen.

The Cleveland Indians signed 78 year old Orlando Cabrera to steal time away from Jason Donald at second base because winning 65 games is much more important than winning 62 (and that’s a very kind prediction of what Cabrera would bring to the team).

Stephen Strasburg is throwing a baseball around, but don’t expect to see him in a Major League Baseball game until September.

Beyond The Boxscore uses Kyle Drabek as an example as to why you should exert some caution when using Pitch fx to evaluate pitchers.

Speaking of young superstars, despite all of the hype, don’t expect to see Mike Trout until September either.

Luke Scott and the Baltimore Orioles avoided arbitration with a $6.4 million deal, but I’m not convinced until I see the actual contract with my own two eyes.

NotGraphs speaks to not blogger Murray Chass.

I know every team will have its delusions of grandeur when it comes to its shot at getting Albert Pujols, but the Kansas City Royals?  Really?

The United States federal government gets one step closer to realizing how ridiculous its charges against Barry Bonds are.

Friend of the blog, Bill Baer from Crashburn Alley shares his thoughts on Bleacher Report.

Finally, Hy Peskin, Sports Illustrated’s first staff photographer, passed away in 2005, but his estate has only now begun selling prints of his stunning work.  His archives are now online, and consist of some of the most beautiful pictures of baseball I’ve ever seen.

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  1. The Vlad Guerrero nephew link has some video in it. Maybe I’m just making imaginary connections in my head, but his swing does look a lot of like Uncle Vladdy’s. That probably means nothing in actuality, but it would make it fun to dream on him if you were a Mariners fans. And let’s face it, they don’t have much to dream about these days.

  2. The Hy Pesken photos are truely amazing. Going through all of them felt like going back in time to when baseball was less complicated and just pure to the core.

  3. Those photos are awesome, but I’m not sure baseball’s ever been pure. How many of the guys in those photos had just had their daily jolt of “greenies” coffee in the clubhouse?

  4. As for Francisco Liriano for Michael Young, I’m sure they’ll ask and I’m sure Bill Smith will laugh hysterically and hang up the phone. That sounds like a Jays Talker trade suggestion: “How about we trade one of our crappy overpaid players, for one of their best players who’s still cost controlled?” Ugh.

    I guess Kansas City is in Missouri, if Albert wants to keep the family, you know, in the state. ROFL.

    Mike Trout is 19. He’ll probably be the youngest player in AA this year, but I’m sure some Angels fans are screaming for him to be promoted to the big club post haste, much like some Jays fans are handing 3B over to Brett Lawrie right out of Spring Training. Angels fans don’t even have the hockey mentality of player promotion to fall back on as an excuse for this silliness, although Kobe Bryant being in the NBA at age 18 could be a contributing factor to this need to rush their best prospect through the minors. None of the other team sports have the kind of farm system setup that baseball does, so trying to draw comparables with any other sport is asinine. It’s also a reason that a lot of Jays fans feel that Travis Snider is a washup at 23, despite the fact that he has yet to receive anything close to everyday playing time at the big league level.

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