You read a lot about the lack of attendance for Rays games in Tampa Bay, but while the quantity of Rays fans may be lacking, no one would ever criticize the quality.

In addition to fans that wear blue wigs and team memorabilia for the first workout of the season, the Rays also boast an online presence that’s second to none.

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Photo courtesy of Baseball Think Factory.

Comments (6)

  1. Love the Crown Royal bag.

  2. Gracias for the link and the compliment of the collective, amigo

  3. This guy is where it’s at.
    Are those grillz?

  4. There’s a story in Baseball America this week talking about how bad Rays’ fans are. If I were one, I’d be pissed.

  5. Travis,

    I’m surprised there is only one story this week. We’ve become numb to the stories at this point. I wonder if the story mentions the Rays had Top 6 radio and tv ratings last year? The interest is there but when your unemployment rate is 13% locally and the stadium is on the extreme edge of most of its fanbase, attendance is going to suck. There is something to be said about sitting in your favorite recliner and watching a broadcast in HD on your 48+” television at home rather than fighting the ridiculous traffic to get out to that part of the region and dumping down $9+ on a ticket for most games.

    Hell, I can get into any game I wish for free but I live 2 hours away without traffic and have to balance in a family life so my wife and kids do not leave me :)

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