Buster Olney begins his column this morning by waxing poetic about the beginning of Spring Training.

There is no greener green than the green of baseball fields at the start of spring training. They are untouched, mostly, except for the regular washings they receive from sprinklers.

The fields aren’t the only thing that’s greener than green at the beginning of the Spring.  As baseball fans, our collective hopes have yet to be inundated with a 162 games of soul killing errors, poor bullpen management and players swinging at baseballs outside the zone with a 3-1 count.  The saying goes that hope springs eternal, and it’s no coincidence that hope and Spring are mentioned in the same breath.  Every year, we begin the baseball season with optimism, forgetting the frustrations of the previous season, and holding out hope that this year, yeah this will be the one where our team finally does it.

Here’s a chart of the reporting dates for each club:

Organization Pitchers & Catchers Position Players
Arizona D-Backs Feb. 13 Feb. 18
Atlanta Braves Feb. 14 Feb. 18
Baltimore Orioles Feb. 13 Feb. 20
Boston Red Sox Feb. 14 Feb. 18
Chicago Cubs Feb. 14 Feb. 18
Chicago White Sox Feb. 17 Feb. 21
Cincinnati Reds Feb. 16 Feb. 19
Cleveland Indians Feb. 16 Feb. 19
Colorado Rockies Feb. 14 Feb. 21
Detroit Tigers Feb. 13 Feb. 18
Florida Marlins Feb. 18 Feb. 21
Houston Astros Feb. 15 Feb. 19
Kansas City Royals Feb. 14 Feb. 18
Los Angeles Angels Feb. 14 Feb. 18
Los Angeles Dodgers Feb. 16 Feb. 21
Milwaukee Brewers Feb. 16 Feb. 21
Minnesota Twins Feb. 16 Feb. 22
New York Mets Feb. 16 Feb. 20
New York Yankees Feb. 14 Feb. 19
Oakland Athletics Feb. 15 Feb. 20
Philadelphia Phillies Feb. 13 Feb. 18
Pittsburgh Pirates Feb. 13 Feb. 18
St. Louis Cardinals Feb. 13 Feb. 18
San Diego Padres Feb. 13 Feb. 18
San Francisco Giants Feb. 14 Feb. 18
Seattle Mariners Feb. 13 Feb. 18
Tampa Bay Rays Feb. 15 Feb. 20
Texas Rangers Feb. 16 Feb. 19
Toronto Blue Jays Feb. 13 Feb. 18
Washington Nationals Feb. 16 Feb. 21

And The Rest

It’s time to play Choose Your Own Adventure: Joe Maddon’s Big Night.

Albert Pujols rejected the first contract offer he received from the St. Louis Cardinals.  Pujols’ self imposed deadline is only two days away.

Would you prefer to read an interview with the same old Billy Beane or the new Billy Beane?

The success and failure rates of MLB prospects gets the graph treatment.

Newsflash: The Mariners will look to improve on last year’s offense.  The most shocking news of the Spring so far.

Larry King was introduced to Bernie Madoff through the Mets owners.

Do the New York Yankees need to look at their draft picks differently?

The New York Times Sunday Book Review takes a look at Scorecasting.

Why the Minnesota Twins shouldn’t trade Francisco Liriano.  But Michael Young is available!

According to Murray Chass: one win equals $2 million.  According to me: one win would be for Murray Chass to stop writing and that would be priceless.

Allow me to present Mr. and Mrs. Kay, okay?

Finally, a very happy birthday to Strat-O-Matic.

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  1. I have never heard of Strat-O-Matic baseball before, and now I desperately want it. Does anyone know if there are any stores in the GTA that carry the board game? I hate buying things online.

  2. I think your best bet would be online, but failing that, check out games shops and even antique stores.

  3. I’ll re-post a link to this article about Strat-O-Matic Baseball as they near their 50th anniversary seeing as you mentioned it in the above post:


    Tremendous article about Strat-O-Matic, the game of baseball, and the difficulty of father/son relationships. Well worth the read. Strat-O-Matic is where my love of baseball really took off. I remember wearing out the 1980, and 1982-1985 cards (I was too pissed off with the players to get the 1981 cards and I felt the shortened season wasn’t worth it) as a kid. I used to get so pissed off when George Brett couldn’t get a hit every time up with that .390 average in 1980. Good times. :) Yessiree I’m a baseball nerd, but that’s OK. I’m in good company on this site. ;)

    @spitballer: If you don’t like ordering online, you can order toll-free at 1-800-645-3455, or if you really want to get ye olde fashioned, call and ask them to send you some order forms and order it using snail mail with a money order. Their address is:

    42 Railroad Plaza
    Glen Head, NY 11545

    Then there’s always their webpage to get a better feel for it at:


    It’s not as good as I remember the old site being, but that’s just from a quick poke around.

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