If you assume nebbish emo poster boy Ben Gibbard of the popular yacht rock outfit Death Cab for Cutie spends more time cultivating his stubble than pining for baseball then you, like me, would be bigoted and wrong.

As it turns out, Mr. Gibbard is a huge baseball fan. By no fault of his own, Gibbard ardently supports the Seattle Mariners with all his oft-broken heart. I recently took to follow Gibbard on twitter in an attempt to further my dangerous obsession with his wife Zooey Deschanel; who makes the doe-eyed emo girl you dated in college look like the rough-hewn coat rack she really was. Unless you married her, of course.

When Gibbard (@Gibbstack) isn’t retweeting Jonah Keri or freaking Fangraphs he’s openly lobbying his Mariners to save a roster spot for knuckleballer Charlie Haeger. Gibbard follows Mariners beat writer Geoff Baker which, based on Baker’s annual woe-is-me/Eeyore routine, is a perfect match.

It is really quite entertaining (as are several Death Cab records, I am loath to admit.) Behold as Gibbard shows his nerd chops by attacking lazy columnists tossing empty cliches!

Hacky bloggers of the world, watch out. Gibbard meshes sports and pop culture deftly in a great tweet about the Mariners new field boss. No official word on Wedge’s views on the pyramid of manliness though he’s unlikely to move pinnacle of humanity Ichiro down to third in the order.

Gibbard is simply doing his part to carry on the proud, nerdy tradition of middling rock stars from the Pacific Northwest. Single baseball fans can take hope from Gibbard’s example that hardcore baseball nerds can still convince gorgeous and talented women to marry them. Just make sure you can sing in a near falsetto in front of thousands of adoring shefans every night. Then you’re in for sure.