Numerous outlets report this morning that Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, in addition to two misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest and an open alcohol container in a motor vehicle citation after a traffic stop early this morning.

The report claims Cabrera dropped a “Do you know who I am” on the officers after mumbling “I’m going to [Getting Blanked] kill him” and drinking from a bottle of scotch inside his car.

The very juicy police report states Cabera pushed off the arresting officer’s vehicle while being cuffed, earning “3-4 knee spikes” to the left thigh for his trouble. When asked by the officer to enter the police cruiser, Cabrea responded “[Getting Blanked] You.”

Cabrera fought troubles with alcohol and the law in the past but appeared to turn a corner, responding to trouble at the end of the 2009 season with an outstanding 2010 campaign.

No word on the Tigers official response but needless to say this is a troubling setback for one of baseball’s bright young stars.