The Best Of Picture Day

True Story:  On picture day in Grade One, I brought my Blue Jays t-shirt in a school bag, and changed into it before my photo was taken so that I’d get a baseball card out of it.  I totally thought I’d get away with it too, completely forgetting that my parents would see the samples before deciding what package they wanted to buy.

Over the last couple of days, Major League Baseball teams have gone through the time honoured tradition of taking photos for the team’s media guide and magazine program.  I figured that some of the results, like Carlos Santana’s tilted hat and name card deserve something beyond merely fading away into the obscurity of forgotten outtakes.

I’m guessing the only human feces Cubs manager Mike Quade comes across during his time in Chicago is the variety that he scares out of people with his ‘roided up Lex Luthor looks.

It’s so considerate of the Atlanta Braves to let their bat boy get his photo taken with the team as well.  What a class organization.

Cliff Lee would rather ignore the sights of Clearwater’s red light district.

Dirk Hayhurst does not have a dead body in the trunk of his car.  Definitely does not.  No way.  Honestly, there’s no point in even checking, officer.  It hasn’t been drained of all it’s blood and vivisected either.  No way.

Let’s all hope that training camp invitee d’Artagnan is as good with his bat as he is with his sword.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this life sized Detroit Tigers garden gnome.  So realistic.  And just in time for the Gnomeo and Juliet premier.