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Whoa.  Hey there, Major League Baseball.  When you allow blogs to embed videos from your network, especially when they’re kind of cool to look at, it’s almost like the blogs do free advertising for you.  If only someone had been telling you this kind of thing for years and years.

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  1. Gary Carter just winked at me!

  2. Why is this still not in Canada? We can watch all the NBA we want and MLB Network isn’t here? Stupid.

  3. Great commercial! Complete joke that it is not available in Canada. When I went to the Jays game in Dunedin last year, MLB Network was there handing out pins and baseball cards. Meanwhile, half the attendees there are Canadian and can’t even get the channel if they wanted to. At least we still have access to the sunset channel and the aquarium channel.

  4. Conspicuous by their absence in this little vignette (unless I missed them) featuring “all the aces” and “all the MVPs”: Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds. Neither of them are very likeable dudes, but to ignore them completely like they never existed? Um OK.

  5. I’m not familiar with those two players.

  6. @JToronto – Don’t look now, but next week Canada gets something even better than the aquarium channel: The Rotisserie Channel!

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