Do you remember all of the assumptive nonsense that was going around this offseason when it came to the possibility of Zack Greinke playing for the New York Yankees?  More than one column was published by baseball writing hacks turned pop psychologists explaining to people with their voice of authoritative expertise that Zack Greinke and his troubles with anxiety disorder wouldn’t be able to handle the strain of pitching in New York.

It was obvious nonsense.  While possibly true, the writers assembling these types of columns actually had absolutely no idea as to the specifics of Greinke’s condition.  Greinke was eventually traded to the Milwaukee Brewers where media scrutiny isn’t likely to be close to being at par with what it would be like in New York.

When the former Cy Young Award winner met with reporters for the first time at the Brewers Spring Training camp, Greinke pulled no punches in his explanation of how he views the media.

Probably 99% of the time I do it like this is because every day I come to the park and want to get focused on my start, and then random people come and waste my time talking every day. It takes eight minutes to get a real question out because they’re like buttering me up. Then they get to the question and it’s a stupid question. So it’s a waste of 10 minutes, and in that 10-minute time I don’t get to do what I needed to do.

It should be noted that Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, who collected Greinke’s quotes, sets the pitcher’s comments in context by explaining that:

But he’s not malicious in any way about those things. It’s merely how he deals with things.

I’m sure that most fans in Milwaukee would agree that no matter what some idiot in Philadelphia might tell you, as long as Greinke help contribute to the Brewers winning the National League Central Division, he can ignore as many reporters as he likes.

And The Rest

Staying with the Brewers, Corey Hart reveals that he threw away his contact lenses after Spring Training last year and played the whole season with his near sightedness.

The Chicago Cubs are using Derek Jeter on a billboard to advertise tickets.  I guess dugout poop was vetoed.

Mark Grudzielanek is ready to retire.  Let the Hall of Fame debate begin?

J.D. Drew is eager to wrestle an alligator, but maybe he should focus on staying healthy before trying to imitate the Crocodile Hunter.  That way, his upcoming season could be beeeeyooooooteeeeful.

Learn you cliche: This season’s big one will be “two-strike approach.”

Hank Steinbrenner’s comments about revenue sharing and how Major League Baseball is operating under communist policies was not necessarily appreciated by Bud Selig.

Carlos Zambrano has been cured by anger management.

The selfless Jayson Werth agreed to his massive contract with the Washington Nationals for the sake of his brothers in the MLBPA.

Florida Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez isn’t optimistic, he’s downright delusional.  Have fun with Omar Infante at second base.

The 40 swings of Justin Morneau.  And no one is happier to see it than John McDonald.

Got dirty balls?