Orioles Have Destructive Power

Another neat little story out of Spring Training has the Baltimore Orioles switching the location of their batting practice after home run balls were pelting down on the vehicles of fans in a nearby parking lot.

But before the rest of the AL East begins quaking in their cleats over the potential home run totals of Mark Reynolds and Vladimir Guerrero, it should be noted that the Buck Showalter Showalter has had more than a little bit to do with the wrecked cars.

According to the Orioles manager:

We’ll put our finger in the wind every day and that’s how we’ll determine which field we’ll use.

Wind aided confidence is the new market inefficiency.

Perhaps most interesting to me is that the fans whose cars got dinged up actually approached the Orioles’ administrative staff for compensation.  If a ball were to dent my car after I parked it behind a baseball park’s wall during Spring Training, I’d likely be too embarrassed of my own stupidity to try to claim that the club should pay for damages.

Unfortunately, there’s just no pleasing Orioles fans.  At least not since 1983.