Adam Wainwright will be seeking a second opinion after initial results showed that the St. Louis Cardinals ace will likely require Tommy John surgery.

Cardinals medical supervisor Dr. George Paletta forwarded Wainwright’s MRI to Orange County, Calif., orthopedist Dr. Lewis Yocum late Wednesday. After consulting with Paletta, [Cardinals GM John] Mozeliak stopped short of predicting surgery but said he had heard nothing to alter his earlier pessimism.

Any hope that Cardinals fans have that a second opinion my be different from the first would do well to temper their expectations.  It’s common procedure for an injury of this magnitude to get looked at by a separate set of eyes before proceeding with any course of action.

Yesterday, when news of Wainwright’s injury was first announced, reports from the Cincinnati Reds’ training camp in Goodyear, Arizona indicated that Jonny Gomes and Dusty Baker were inappropriately celebratory over what had happened to their rival.

Gomes denied the report to Reds beat writer Mark Sheldon.

I was doing an interview with [Rob] Dibble and Dibble gave me the breaking news that Wainwright was flying back to St. Louis with arm problems. That’s all I heard. I came in and I said ‘is Wainwright gone, is Wainwright gone?’

To clear up everything, I came up with Wainwright. I know Wainwright. I think he’s one of the top notch pitchers in the National League and baseball. Outside of different uniforms that we wear and different cities we play in, playing in the Major Leagues, we’re all brothers. There’s a brotherhood there. There’s one thing you would never wish upon any other player and that’s an injury. We’ve all had them at some point coming up and we might currently be having one now.

From the bottom of my heart, I would never wish anyone an injury. If they did have an injury, you wish them the best in rehab. As Major League ballplayers, we have a brotherhood for each other. On the field, we’re going to battle and play our nine innings and we’re going to compete. Off the field, we’re still human and we have families. There’s one thing you don’t wish upon anyone and that is an injury. Even if they are on the other team, you wish them the best of health. If Wainwright is gone, it doesn’t mean anything to us. It maybe gives them the opportunity to make a trade for another big ace. The Cardinals are top notch themselves. They’ve battled with injuries there. They are a top notch organization with a top notch general manager and a top notch ownership.

Gomes sounds like a top notch back stepper.  Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News originally reported that Gomes entered the clubhouse singing a song about Wainwright being gone, and seemed jovial at the prospect of not having to face him.  McCoy has covered the Reds since 1972 and was the recipient of the J. G. Taylor Spink Award, which is awarded annually “for meritorious contributions to baseball writing.”  It’s hard to imagine a reporter with his reputation, even with his recent battle with eye trouble, making up this type of story or even misreading the situation from what Gomes claims to be the truth.

And The Rest

The Scouting Book has some criticisms for the methods used by Baseball America, and I tend to agree completely.  I don’t know how anyone can expect an unbiased ranking system when the rankings are based on the information provided by organizational scouts whose best interest it is to promote certain players over others.

A plan is afoot to allow Miguel Cabrera to make his way to the Detroit Tigers training facilities shortly.  No word on who his driver will be.

Distressed t-shirts for distressed Mets fans.  I wonder if Sandy Alderson would’ve taken the GM’s job with the Mets if he had known about any of this.

Some more “woe is me” for Mets fans:  Is David Wright finished?  I’m surprised that Sally Leaguer ever had a career to begin with.

I really like Patrick Sullivan’s work over at The Baseball Analysts, but his thoughts on the Cubs this year seem hopeful to say the least.

Mitch Williams asks if maybe there’s a rift between the Rangers and Michael Young.  Um, did Williams just get back from a vacation or something?  Maybe he could write about something a little more topical like the fact that Cliff Lee signed in Philadelphia or the Adrian Gonzalez trade to the Red Sox.

Staying with former players whose opinions we’re supposed to heed primarily because they’re former players: Mike Schmidt goes out on a huge limb to suggest that this year’s version of the Philadelphia Phillies are pretty darn swell.

The Pirates want to see better attendance figures before they’ll spend more money.  Yeah, because that’s usually how it works.  Giving fans ultimatums almost always ends up being beneficial.  Clearly, the Pirates do not deserve Anthony Rendon.

Finally, Drew Fairservice first told me about this gig last week, but today Hardball Talk has a write up about an MLB dream job that would most assuredly turn into a nightmare by the end.