Beckett Concussed By Spring Mishap

If you’ve ever watched a live batting practice in Spring Training, you’ve probably wondered how more players don’t get hit by errant baseballs.  At any given time, several drills can be happening at once, and the attention of the baseball players on the field can be in several different directions at any given time.

Today at Red Sox camp, starting pitcher Josh Beckett was plunked in the back of the head by a baseball hit off the bat of batting practice pitcher Ino Guerrero who was attempting to hit a ball thrown from the outfield back into a bucket behind second base.  Beckett left the field under his own power, but was later diagnosed with a mild concussion.  While my first impulse may be to crack wise about Beckett not having to worry about losing any brain cells, recent concussions to Justin Morneau, Jason Bay and Aaron Hill have resulted in extended time on the Disabled List.

Beckett has a history of bad luck during the Spring.  He injured his back in 2008 and suffered from a serious bout of the flu during last year’s camp.  Hopefully Beckett will be well on his way to recovery when he’s reevaluated tomorrow.

Knowing how reactive Boston Red Sox fans can get, I’m sure there will be calls to punish Guerrero for his carelessness, but a review of work out policies and a stern lecture in kangaroo court should be more than enough for someone who probably already feels sick with guilt over the accident.

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  1. wait, he was trying to hit a ball thrown from the outfield? was he in the batters box?

  2. And so begins the great collapse of the 2011 BoSox.

  3. Sadly, I think it’s going to take more than losing Beckett to bring down this team.

  4. One thing is for sure: Ino Guerrero will never see a cup of coffee with the Red Sox.

  5. If the BoSox lose Beckett for an extended period of time, all they’ll have left is the rest of their great starting staff, bullpen, and all-star line-up. Looks like we’re in luck; playoffs for the Jays!

  6. Is it wrong for me to think that it couldn’t happen to a bigger douche?

  7. If it is, I’m right there with you Tom.

  8. Anyone else remember a couple years ago how he got shelled by the Jays, and the next time he was supposed to face them he had a mysterious injury a couple days beforehand, but made his next start following that?

  9. This is the game that made me lose all respect for him (I was at it):

    It was a sweet, sweet win for the Jays but it could have come at a horrible cost. He was cruising along, having allowed only a 4th inning 2-run HR to VW. The Red Sox led 6-2 heading to the bottom of the eighth, when out of nowhere he drills Aaron Hill. My memory fails me whether it hit Aaron in the shoulder or the head, but it matters not, it was unnecessarily high and tight, typical Beckett doucheyness. Up stepped Aaron’s “wife” Russ Adams and drilled a 2-run HR. After the Cat struck out, VW drilled a solo blast, which knocked the dickhead out. Timlin came on and Glaus tied the game with a solo HR of his own (I believe, in checking the highlights later, that the call from Ginger was “Glaus…Glaus…Glausome” – better than a lot of his homerun calls).

    It stayed that way until the bottom of the 12th, when with two out Glaus drew a walk and up stepped the man who later became everyone’s favourite whipping boy: Lyle Overbay. He took Rudy Seanez to deep CF, but it stayed in the park. Glaus had remained in the game to run for himself and he was lumbering around the bases as the crowd was rooting him on. He belly slid across home plate just ahead of the tag and pounded the ground with his hand. One of the best games I’ve ever been to. Sometimes Josh, it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie, but as you’ve shown time and time again, that’s just not in your “fiercely competitive nature” is it douche?

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