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It was around this time three years ago that general manager J.P. Ricciardi and the Toronto Blue Jays locked up second baseman Aaron Hill to a multi-year contract extension.  The contract was first reported as a typical four year deal worth $12 million for the former college roommate of Giants closer Brian Wilson.

But we soon learned that there were some complicated club options attached to the contract after the 2011 season.  If the Jays so desired, they had the option of picking up three additional years after the 2011 season for $26 million, but they would have to decide before the 2011 season started.

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Comedy duo Greg and Lou set the baseball world viraling out of control with their first mock Mets video, looking for prospective new employees, and now they’re back with its hilarious sequel.  This time out John Ricco, Assistant General Manager of the New York Mets informs us that shockingly, season tickets are still available for the New York Mets.

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Via the Twitter feed of great Baseball Prospectus writer Tommy Bennett comes this incredible screen capped image of, I think, Pete Rose. It’s either baseball’s hit crown owner and most shameless huckster or someone’s disapproving Nana.

At the risk of generalizing, I think “bubbie” better applies than “nana” in this instance.

Before the bureaucrats even had a chance to find their seats, Jayson Heyward, just like last season, hit a home run in his first at bat of the year.  Only, this time it was the first home run of the 2011 season.  It’s official.  We are underway.

Happy Opening Day, everybody.

I’m sure one day the whole Brian Wilson phenomenon will get tired, but I’m quite simply not there yet.

Unless you’re a Mets fan, opening day represents that wonderful point in the season when hope still abounds. No matter how horribly your team falls apart in August, and they always do, you can enjoy late March and early April because the promise of a successful season hasn’t fallen off the rails, landed in a wayside and splattered in the defecation of all the other teams that are much better than the one you support.

No matter the circumstances, there’s still hope. Take my Toronto Blue Jays. No, seriously take them. Heyo! Seriously though, in a chat yesterday on this very site a Jays fan was trying to explain the circumstances that could lead Toronto to a 90 win season. 90 wins!

That’s an absurd number that, quite frankly, isn’t going to happen, but far be it from me to ruin that particular fan’s dreams. The Blue Jays will do a good enough job of that by July.

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The pomp and circumstance of Opening Day is finally upon us! The pageantry! The sepia-toned schmaltz! In many ways, Opening Day sets the tone for the coming season. From ring ceremonies to minting the latest Hall of Fame inductees, teams use Opening Day to prep their fanbase for another exciting season or brace them for another six months of suffering.

The pitcher lucky enough to take the ball for his team on Opening Day is a big part of that message. In many ways, the Opening Day starter says it all. Feast or Famine. All in or fold. Contend or pretend. As I once did at my previous writing home (here’s 2010 and 2009), allow me to run down all the Opening Day starters and decide if their fanbases are feasting or facing famine.

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