The Cleveland Indians revealed today that outfielder Austin Kearns was arrested on DUI charges in Kentucky two days before Valentine’s Day last month.

Kearns returned to Cleveland in the offseason on a one year deal worth $1.3 million after making the team as a Spring Training invitee in 2010.  The right handed hitter, who was traded to the New York Yankees at last year’s deadline, is expected to spell relief for Grady Sizemore, Michael Brantley and Shin-Soo Choo from time to time, all of whom are all left-handed hitters.

Kearns has a court date next week in Kentucky and is expected to miss some time at camp while taking care of his legal issues.

And the annual Spring Training tradition of ballplayers drinking and driving continues.  I suppose in this case, Kearns was arrested before he even reported to camp, so it wouldn’t have made a difference, but would it be worth MLB’s time to institute a mandatory course at the beginning of each camp, or is that sort of thing generally useless?

Update: Jordan Bastian is reporting that Kearns will not actually have to miss any camp, as a lawyer will be representing him in court.