Less than a week after Adam Wainwright went under the knife for Tommy John surgery, both interim ace Chris Carpenter and reliever Mitchell Boggs left today’s Spring Training game against the Florida Marlins escorted by the team’s trainer.

The fear factor subsided somewhat for Cardinals fans after learning that Carpenter’s departure came after feeling a twinge in his left hamstring.

According to Carpenter:

I threw a pitch and felt a twitch in my hamstring. I don’t think its very bad, just strained a little bit. We will wait and see from here. It’s nothing bad, but was not worth getting one more out in a Spring Training game to risk blowing it out.

Meanwhile, Boggs’ injury may be a little more serious, but still nothing to get too worried about. ¬†Initial reports are calling it a lower back strain.

Bubble pop to Matt Sebek for the Chris Carpenter in bubble wrap picture.

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  1. Frasor, Camp and Rzep for Rasmus!

  2. People were calling my Cecil for Rasmus hopeful.

  3. Forget about the Cardinals. Use the Jays extra (cheap) arms to get some players from the Mets. The fire sale is coming soon! Wright would be awesome at 3rd for the Jays.

  4. If only the Mets had any worthwhile prospects…..

  5. @JToronto: Inexpensive(arms). Jim cuts his own hair, that’s cheap.

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