Travis Snider: Movie Star

Neil Pane of the Baseball Reference Blog has reprinted an email he received from reader David Matchett, who much like Larry Granillo of Wezen Ball and Baseball Prospectus did for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, went through the painstaking process of trying to figure out which baseball game was featured in The Town.

The biggest clue given from the movie is an overheard radio play by play voice calling a hit in the fourth inning with none out that advanced Kevin Youkilis from first to third and was played by Travis Snider in right field.  As the characters scout the stadium for their heist, grey uniforms on defense can be seen putting on a shift similar to what many teams, including the Blue Jays, employ when David Ortiz comes to the plate.

From there, Matchett went through all of Snider’s game logs to find that he has played right field 57 times in his career.  Narrowing it down further to games that he played right field at Fenway Park, Matchett finds that

There are three games where David Ortiz singled to right to move Kevin Youkilis from first to third, but the game on August 28, 2009 is the only one where this happened with no outs and in the fourth inning.

The Town may be Snider’s first feature film role, but his new mustachioed appearance should shortly ensure his place on the speed dial of every casting agent in Hollywood.

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  1. Nice crustache. You put Sid the kid to shame with that thing.

  2. It’s possible that I elbowed my friend in the ribs and said “oh my god, those are the Jays!” during The Town. He had no idea what I was talking about and resented the interruption.

  3. I’d react the same way if anyone interrupted my gaze of the Affleck.

  4. I understand. What can’t Ben Affleck do? (Aside from avoid career hiccups involving Jennifer Lopez that we no longer speak of?)

  5. About the moustache – in highschool I would have called this brand “nerd fur.”

  6. Snider is the king of indifference and barely-open eyes in pretty much every official photo. The teen stache just enhances everything.

  7. would you have called it nerd fur to a 240 lbs. man-beast?

  8. Haha I remember when I first saw the film. I think I exclaimed something about the Jays too.

  9. I did the rib nudge “IT’S THE JAYS!” thing as well, much to my friend’s chagrin.

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