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Today In Poorly Formed Thoughts

In today’s link dump, I linked (appropriate, no?) to Craig Calcaterra’s informative post questioning the prosecution’s strategy in attempting to embarrass Barry Bonds through evidence that doesn’t really prove whether or not he knew he was using steroids.

As the Bonds trial draws nigh, baseball fans will no doubt be presented with varying opinions on the guilt or innocence of Major League Baseball’s home run king.  However, I doubt any will be quite as stupid as Rich Walcoff’s column in yesterday’s San Francisco Examiner.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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First off, I’d like to thank everyone for a warm welcome to Getting Blanked. I’ll be a weekly contributor from here on out, and I’m ecstatic about the opportunity. I am a columnist at Beyond the Box Score and my contributions to Getting Blanked will be similar to those that I do over at BtB. You can also follow me on Twitter: @Dave_Gershman

The Jays bullpen is an interesting one to say the least. Following an off-season in which they lost Scott Downs and Kevin Gregg, Alex Anthopoulos took initiative and fixed what was a semi-depleted bullpen. With the signings of Jon Rauch and Octavio Dotel and the acquisition of Carlos Villanueva to go along with re-signing Jason Frasor, John Farrell should have no problems feeling comfortable with the right handed heavy revamped pen.

In terms of projection systems, I personally like to use Marcel. Their basic forecasting system seems to get pitchers more accurately than hitters which is why I use them for projecting certain bullpens. Thus, in terms of FIP (fielding independent pitching), as well as walks per nine innings and strikeouts per nine innings, I’ve gone with Marcel’s projections for the Jays pen.

Midday Spring Training News Update

There are a few items to pass your way that are probably not big enough for a post of their own, but still worthy of mentioning.

The first has to do with the ongoing struggles of Canadian Justin Morneau to return from the concussion he suffered at the knee of Blue Jays shortstop John McDonald on July 7th.  Despite feeling better and participating in workouts with the full squad, the Minnesota Twins first baseman has still not yet been cleared for game activity.

If I feel like things are getting through every day symptom-free without any headaches, without any fogginess, without anything, when we have that more than one or two days in a row or whatever it is, we’ll go and hopefully get cleared. When that is, I can’t tell you. I don’t know. I have no idea.

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The drug-addled hand you see above belongs to known other than The Great Trainwreck Distraction, the Destroyer of Broadcast News Credibility himself: Charlie Sheen. Like most wealthy drug addicts, Sheen chooses to festoon his appendages with invaluable trinkets of immeasurable wealth.

Doing his part to ensure #winning transcends our culture (while sending it to complete moral bankruptcy), Sheen shows off what he claims is Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series championship ring. Looking around the internet we find numerous reports of him wearing the ring from assorted gossip rags. EBay and other sites offer replica rings which look suspiciously like the ring Carlos Estevez rocks in that photo.

What a glorious statement of Sheen’s place in our world. Paying through the nose with money earned starring in an insipid sitcom to acquire the championship ring of an equally troubled/long dead man who actually worked to earn it. That said: I’d pay whatever cover the hot nightclub on the river Styx would charge for a chance to sit by the booth of these two party legends.

To cover our bases as a tribute to Sheen — when he inevitably meets his untimely demise in the next few weeks — comes an inspiring video (via the amazing Pitchers & Poets) of tiger blood at work. Behold Sheen hit a Matt Stairs-ian home run to right field at Dodger Stadium while shooting his DirectTV promos in 2007. Important to note: tigers almost always use aluminium bats. It’s the law of the jungle.

The Debate: Baseball vs. Football

Brad Gagnon is addicted to football. He’s covered the sport for as the site’s NFL blog editor for four years. He has a hard time seeing how anyone could love another sport as much as what he calls “the ultimate chess match using humans as pawns.” He’s also pompous enough to quote himself in the third person. He enjoys baseball and hockey and golf, but those sports remain in his peripheral.

Dustin Parkes is addicted to baseball. He’s the co-creator of the popular Drunk Jays Fans blog and editor of’s Getting Blanked baseball blog. He understands how other people might enjoy sports other than baseball because he assumes that a good amount of North Americans are complete and utter morons. He’s also pompous enough to admit this without fear of repercussion. He only pretends to enjoy other sports so that he can chat about something other than the weather with non-baseball fans.

Right now and right now only, there are no regular-season games being played in either the National Football League or Major League Baseball, giving Gagnon and Parkes a chance to do battle in the greatest debate in the history of sports: football vs. baseball.

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The very fact that a Major League Baseball owner can be fined half a million dollars should tell you all you need to know about the profitability of owning a top level professional baseball franchise.  So, there’s a little bit of irony to be found when the reasoning for said fine is for criticizing the system that leads to that kind of profitability.

After recent derogatory comments from the Steinbrenner brother who talks too much about revenue sharing, Red Sox owner John Henry revealed on a Boston sports radio show yesterday that he was fined $500,000 by MLB after referring to the money that “seven chronically uncompetitive teams, five of whom have had baseball’s highest operating profits,” had received through revenue sharing.

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