The drug-addled hand you see above belongs to known other than The Great Trainwreck Distraction, the Destroyer of Broadcast News Credibility himself: Charlie Sheen. Like most wealthy drug addicts, Sheen chooses to festoon his appendages with invaluable trinkets of immeasurable wealth.

Doing his part to ensure #winning transcends our culture (while sending it to complete moral bankruptcy), Sheen shows off what he claims is Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series championship ring. Looking around the internet we find numerous reports of him wearing the ring from assorted gossip rags. EBay and other sites offer replica rings which look suspiciously like the ring Carlos Estevez rocks in that photo.

What a glorious statement of Sheen’s place in our world. Paying through the nose with money earned starring in an insipid sitcom to acquire the championship ring of an equally troubled/long dead man who actually worked to earn it. That said: I’d pay whatever cover the hot nightclub on the river Styx would charge for a chance to sit by the booth of these two party legends.

To cover our bases as a tribute to Sheen — when he inevitably meets his untimely demise in the next few weeks — comes an inspiring video (via the amazing Pitchers & Poets) of tiger blood at work. Behold Sheen hit a Matt Stairs-ian home run to right field at Dodger Stadium while shooting his DirectTV promos in 2007. Important to note: tigers almost always use aluminium bats. It’s the law of the jungle.

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  1. He’s an F-18 bro.

    He just dropped his ordinance all over Chavez Ravine.

  2. For what it’s worth, if I had video evidence of me hitting a home run in a Major League ball I would probably do the exact same thing he’s doing now.

  3. I never really thought about how big of a deal that is. I will one day hit a home run in a Major League park. First step: Add bulk to pipe cleaner arms.

  4. Second step: ?

    Third step: Profit.

  5. Charlie Sheen has, at times, been in very good shape or, at least, whatever special effects they used in “Hot Shots” made it appear that way.
    Hubba Hubba

  6. Dodger Stadium 2007 HR Park Factor: 1.057 (13th MLB)

    Would love to see Charlie take BP at Coors, or US Cellular. Hell, with that pull stroke he’d be money all day long at Fenway!

  7. Charlie got chewed for asking unanswered questions that don’t add up about 9/11 (google 20 minutes with the president) and now everyone wants to shoot the messenger instead of listening to the message. Now media makes their money off his unfortune. Bring up everything including drugs and the boston traitor great Babe’s ring. I suppose the guy with mark maguire’s HR ball is a drug addict or maybe he sells illegal guns? Nice ring chuck see you at the park.

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