When we last heard from Major League Baseball’s dissolute rake Elijah Dukes, he was leaving his bat and glove behind to pursue a rap career under the nom de plume Fly Eli.  Dukes described his type of music as:

Life is our hook.  What we see is what you get.

That’s fly, Eli.  Very fly.  But you know what isn’t?  Slapping a pregnant woman.

Dukes was arrested yesterday afternoon on assault charges after his pregnant girlfriend told police that she was hit several times in the face by the former Tampa Bay Ray and Washington National.  Dukes also had two outstanding warrants to his name: one for driving with a suspended licence and the other for contempt of court.

Dukes and his lady friend had been staying in motels for the past several days before an argument at the East Lake Inn in Tampa turned ugly.  Here is what the fine establishment looks like:

It’s hard to believe that this type of trouble could ever exist in such a paradise.  There’s a parking spot to go with each unit, and still enough room for truck drivers to park their tractors.

It should be interesting to learn exactly who Dukes blames for this latest incident.  While the favourite may be the victim of the assault, I’m not going to put it past Dukes to somehow blame this on society in some way.

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  1. Dayum…livin’ large, Eli.

  2. I’m certain that drugs are never done in that motel.

  3. That rap career’s dead dawg

  4. @Lucas: Or it’s just beginning

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