Minnesota Twins first baseman / right fielder Michael Cuddyer is out for two weeks after requiring surgery to remove a plantar wart in his foot.  Combined with his poor defense, the results from going under the knife have apparently added a second hole to his game.

From Cuddyer’s Twitter account:

The wart is gone now time to heal.

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  1. 2nd hole…genius

  2. I’m very surprised at the general lack of grossed out commenters.

  3. Gross. Looks like the red dot on Jupiter.

  4. wtf? I thought they froze these things off, not gouged them out with a rusty spoon.

  5. i through up in my mouth… i love how you pic lunchtime for a post like this

  6. Today in poorly focused medical photographs……

  7. *saves* One more for the fap folder.

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