Last week I joked about the Roy Halladay machine receiving a software update that would add another pitch to his already daunting arsenal. Well, it appears that the upgrade might also have included a brand new emotion chip.

The illusion of Halladay’s humanity is on full display in this promo for MLB 2K11.

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  1. The other shirt he was holding had to be blue, didn’t it?

    So gutted.

  2. Unbelievable.

    So, not only does he get traded and seemingly over-night go from under-appreciated to finally regarded as ‘the best pitcher in baseball’, but now he does funny commercials, too?!

    I know he had that bee-hive one a few years ago for the Blue Jays, but this is WAY funnier on Halladay’s part than that one.

    Bravo, Roy.

  3. @Navin – I was gonna say the same thing, but decided against it… *sigh*

  4. Awesome.

    On a related note, Carlos Ruiz is so crazy underrated. 2nd among NL catchers in WAR last year, son.

  5. If only he referred to him a Chooch, guaranteed Clio.

  6. Fun Fact,
    Carlos Ruiz had a kid 9 months to the day of Halladays perfect game. Talk about celebrating in style.

  7. I’ve watched this about 36 times already.

    By the way, according to a tweet last week, the wife of Carlos Ruiz gave birth to their new baby 9 months after Roy tossed his perfect game.

  8. @Ruiz facters – for once, a fun fact lived up to the billing. i am so happy i know this now.

  9. I don’t believe Roy Halladay plays video games.

    Not for a second.

    Nice try, 2K Sports.

  10. I firmly believe the blue shirt was an awesome little shout-out, actually.

  11. someone finally sees how underrated this dude is? awesome. carlos is happy, see?

  12. Roy’s the funniest Mormon on the planet. And those dudes are a wheeze.

  13. This vid is ten tons of awesome. It’s great to see Roy having fun. Didn’t notice the other shirt was blue – nice excuse to watch it again.

  14. Something else I noticed – he’s crazy natural in this, more so than other athletes doing vid game commercials. Knowing what a perfectionist he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he worked with an acting coach for this.

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