The three most painful things a man can experience in his lifetime: 1) His father dying; 2) The first post pubescent knock to the gonads; and 3) Broken ribs.  Nothing really prepares you for the intensity of any of those three moments.

Milwaukee Brewers newly acquired ace Zack Greinke will miss his first three starts of the season because of a fractured rib that he suffered while playing a game of pickup basketball during the offseason. While the 6’2″ may be dominant from the pitcher’s mound, apparently it doesn’t translate into having skills in the paint, as the former AL Cy Young Award winner initially hurt his ribs when went up for a rebound and ended up falling on his side.

Everyone always told me not to do it because I was going to get hurt. It finally caught up to me. I’m feeling good but it’s not worth it. Hopefully it won’t be too long. I don’t want to miss any time with the team, especially at the beginning. Until it heals there’s nothing you really can do. You just need to let it heal.

Fortunately for Milwaukee, replacing Greinke for a few starts shouldn’t be much of a problem as their schedule in April should allow them to go with four starters on occasion.  Still, the team will likely look to their other newly acquired top of the rotation starter Shaun Marcum to make sure that Greinke’s loss has a minimal impact.

Perhaps frustration over the loss of Greinke boiled over in the Brewers Spring tilt with the Los Angeles Dodgers yesterday.  Then again, maybe Roman Colon was just being a little [Getting Blanked].

And The Rest

Stephen Strasburg’s mechanical flaw could always be a cause for concern.

Rob Iracane talks about beer from around the Majors.  For Toronto fans used to paying for $10 beers from lines that likely haven’t been cleaned since Cito Gaston’s first go around with the team, the list is very depressing.  Overpriced beer is a bit easier to swallow when it’s from an independent brewery.

Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball have agreed on a six year deal to continue to exploit young baseball players chasing down a dream for their own financial gain.

Do the Blue Jays have interest in Kevin Slowey of the Minnesota Twins?

Who tops the list for the best players who have cost their team over 100 fielding runs.

Bobby Valentine has suddenly become a movie producer.  The former Major League Baseball manager is already preparing three baseball documentaries for distribution.

How Bleacher Report remains competitive with ESPN.

There’s a rumour floating around that the New York Yankees offered Aroldis Chapman more than $54 million last season before he eventually agreed to a six year deal worth just over $30 million with the Cincinnati Reds.

Whoa!  It’s the rarest of all articles: a call to Yankee Nation to temper expectations on one of their prospects.

After fighting with his teammates during the first of two rough Spring outings, Carlos Silva has reached out to . . . Carlos Zambrano for help.  It’s sort of like a coke addict asking Charlie Sheen for help with his drug addiction.

Finally, the Chicago White Sox received a visit from an inspirational source yesterday.

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  1. The Kyle Drabek cameo in the Strasburg story was certainly depressing.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t like reading about Drabek in the Strasburg story at all. I was hoping that the Jays were progressive enough to be looking at bio-mechanics and using them as part of the decision making process. C’mon AA, forget about the capital C Closer idea and start getting in on this. Please.

  3. “I’d be interested in talking to Tommy John himself.” Riggleman said.
    I had my appendix out 10 years ago. If you want to find out about what causes appendicitis and the surgery, I couldn’t help you at all. Might make more sense to listen to the experts than the patients.

  4. Somewhere in that photo of the White Sox with Ali, presumably at the back, is Alex Rios not giving a [blank].

  5. @Deere5400: Very true. Very true indeed.

    Nice to see Jeter at #2 and Bernie Williams at #5 all-time in the players who have cost their teams over 100 fielding runs.

    Are you saying the Jays don’t even have Steam Whistle at their games? Talk about ignoring what’s in your own backyard. I used to get bottled Sleeman Cream Ale down there, but I don’t bother anymore so I have no clue what’s available.

    @Jeff S: More like “[Getting Blanked]. Hurry up and take the picture with the [Getting Blanked]ing cripple already. You’re cutting into my remote control helicopter flying time.”

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